Uganda national budget framework paper 2016/17

In December 2015 the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development released the FY 2016-17 National Budget Framework Paper (NBFP).

The National Budget Framework Paper (BFP) provides the link between Government’s overall policies and the Annual Budget. It lays out the fiscal policy framework and strategy for the budget year and sets out how the Government intends to achieve its policy objectives over the medium term through the budget. The macroeconomic framework presented in the BFP forms the basis for resource projections and indicative expenditure allocations. It also forms the basis for the detailed estimates of revenue and expenditure which will be laid before Parliament.

According to the Ministry the budget for the 2016/17 financial year will focus on the following areas:

  1. Maintaining and sustaining National Security and Defense as a fundamental condition for economic
    growth and development;
  2. Promotion of Production, Productivity, Investment and Export of Goods and Services through Value
    addition to Strategic Commodities;
  3. Sustaining the Development and Maintenance of Strategic Infrastructure with emphasis on Energy
    and Transport to Accelerate the country’s competitiveness;
  4. Enhancing Human Capital Development by improving Access to Quality Critical Social Services
    and Skills Development;
  5. Enhancing Domestic Revenue Mobilization; and
  6. Strengthening the Quality of Public Service Delivery to Facilitate Private Sector Investment.

Download the FY 2016-17 National Budget Framework Paper (NBFP) here.