Uganda HIV/AIDS country progress report, 2015/16

The Uganda AIDS Commission has released the HIV/AIDS country progress report, resulting from a review of performance for the first year of implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan.

The report presents both progress made and areas that still need improvement.

“The estimated number of persons living with HIV in 2015 was still high at 1.5 million. Positive progress was noted in the further decline in AIDS-related deaths to 28, 000 from 31,000 in 2014, further reduction in the number of New HIV infections among all age groups to 83, 000 in 2015 from 95,000 in 2014 and the much more significant and drastic reduction in the number of new infections among children of 3500 by end of 2015,” it reads in part.

Read or download the full report below:

Uganda HIV/AIDS Country Progress Report 2015/16