Statement to Parliament on the mismanagement of Uganda Telecom Company Limited

Statement by Budadiri West MP, Nathan Nandala Mafabi that concludes with the following recommendations:

Government owns 31% shares in UTL that was once a giant and that still provides services to, government institutions institutions, other organizations and the public. It still has a major role to play in the in the Economy. It should not therefore be allowed to be killed. It is therefore, my recommendation that:-
(i) The acts going on in UTL are stopped with immediate effect.
(ii) Carry out both Financial Audit and Forensic Audit for the 4 years.
(iii) Parliament urgently sets up a select Committee to fully investigate activities going on in UTL.
(iv) The culprits that are responsible for the state of affairs in UTL should be prosecuted once found to have abetted or aided acts of defrauding the company.