Report on the amendment of the rules of procedure of the Parliament of Uganda

In January 2017, the parliamentary committee on rules, privileges and discipline submitted a report to amend the rules of procedure of the Parliament of Uganda.

The amendment process is intended to:

  • Strengthen parliamentary rules to enhance effectiveness of the procedures and practices of Parliament.
    Bring the Rules into conformity with provisions of the Uganda Constitution, the Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act, the Administration of Parliament Act, the Public Finance Management Act, the National Audit Act, and all other laws to which it must conform.
  • Align the Rules to the observations and decisions of the East African Court of Justice with respect to the Election petition of Uganda’s Representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), and also align the Rules to relevant provisions of the East African Cooperation Treaty.
  • Address various challenges that emerged from the application of the current Rules in the 9th Parliament, including the workings of Committees and of the multiparty system in Parliament.
  • Strengthen parliamentary oversight role and enhance accountability of the Executive and other organs to Parliament.
    Make the House more transparent, efficient and effective in the use of the available time and resources.
  • Accommodate technological advancements 1n the workings of Parliament, particularly electronic voting and registration of attendance of sittings of the House.
    And generally enhance the autonomy of the House, and nurture the principle of separation of powers between the three arms of Government.

Download and read the full report below.