Recent research, reports and analysis on elections and democracy in Uganda

The following are a select list of ongoing research and analysis of Uganda’s electoral democracy ahead of the 2016 general elections. ACME will be updating it periodically in order to inform in-depth media reporting on the election process.

If you have additional resources to suggest, please let us know by writing to info [at] acme-ug [dot] org.

“The Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives conducted research on the necessity of electoral reforms in Uganda and the nexus between elections and Uganda’s journey to realizing its development goals. The publication gives a background on the existing policy and legal framework, presents the results of the research, and gives policy recommendations for electoral reforms.”

A recently published analysis of political party machinations, election financing and monitoring in the 2011 general elections. It is useful for analysis of the current and coming election season.

This document details a range of civic, voter and political actions designed by young people to ensure effective youth participation in the 2016 elections and beyond. The roadmap published by Uganda Youth Network is intended to empower youth with logistical and technical capability in order to make informed decisions and hold their leaders accountable.