Dataset: Parliamentary performance over the years

Reporters and activists who focus on the Ugandan parliament sometimes make sweeping statements like: “The 6th Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.31.45 PMparliament was the best Uganda has ever had.” Or: “This is a rubber stamp parliament.”

What do we base those statements on? “Our experience reporting on the legislature,” you might say. What if you could back up or test your observations with numbers?

Was the sixth parliament the best because it was more efficient, passing bills in record time? Was it more effective; making substantive changes to the bills the executive brought forward for its consideration or getting more of the members questions answered by the executive? Perhaps it was simply more vocal. In that case, we might see more questions asked of the executive by members, or more issues raised through matters of national importance raised on the floor of parliament.

These datasets have the numbers you need to compare any and all Ugandan parliaments since the 6th, on those and other measures. Happy exploration. Let us know what you find. If you need help analysing or otherwise making sense of the data, contact our principal data instructor, Lydia Namubiru at lnamubiru[dot]acme-ug[dot]org. We would also love to just hear about the fun or important insights you found in it, and retweet any stories you produce out of these. Tweet us @acme

Performance data on the 6th, 7th and 8th parliaments

Performance data on the 9th parliament

This data was compiled by Hippo Twebaze, a researcher into legislative oversight who has and continues to quantitatively study the Ugandan legislature.