Opinion poll report of citizens’ perceptions of governance in Uganda

The Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform (UGMP) and Research World International, with support from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), commissioned an opinion poll to acquire a better understanding of the social economic, political and cultural issues in Uganda.

This poll report presents a deeper prognosis of citizen’s views on Uganda’s governance which will be pivotal to shaping the social and economic policies in the country. A similar poll was conducted and launched just before the February 2016 general elections. The idea then was to check on preparedness of the citizenry for the 2016 general elections as well as acquire an understanding of the choices that Ugandans were thinking of in terms of voting.

This second poll examines the extent to which Ugandans participated in the last election, their impressions of the process and outcome, the aftermath of the elections, in terms of the economic situation and their own welfare, as well as confidence in key public institutions.