Covering Oil: Big data, new tools and journalism

The Investigative Journalism and Education Consortium (IJEC) has a new, interesting resource for journalists interested in covering oil and gas around the world.


The paper contains a wealth of new data, information sources, reporting tips and analysis. As the authors state:

“There is a great deal of scope for journalists to do investigative reporting on the extractive sector. There are innumerable instances of outright corruption as well as bad practices, where countries fail, for instance, to garner for themselves the full value of their resources and/or when the revenues raised are not used for public purposes in ways they should.  There are more complex stories, exposing how well-intentioned actions can have unintended adverse effects (as in the case of the Dutch disease noted earlier) .   Such reporting is necessary if the media is to fulfill the role of the watchdog, particularly needed in this complex and often opaque industry.”


Visit the IJEC website for the full paper.