New ACME publication – Write Right, Tight: Navigating Common Mistakes in News Reporting & Writing

Write Right, Tight was authored by former editor of The Observer, Mr Richard M. Kavuma and published by the African Centre for Media Excellence with funding from The Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa.

The handbook (available for download below) comprises four parts. The first traces the origin of the idea, introduces the book that has grown out of it, and attempts to contextualize the handbook’s mission and author’s vision.

Part II (chapters 3-9) explores some of the commonest reporting problems that editors find in stories – problems related to how we gather and treat information from news sources. These range from failing to nail down the story, inadequate sourcing, disjointed structure, inaccuracy, failure to crosscheck information, lack of context/background and problems associated with social media. Here, accomplished editors also offer their advice to reporters on how to navigate these problems.

Part III (chapters 10-15) discusses flaws in the quality of the copy. The issues include commonly confused words. The author hopes that by flagging and discussing them here, writers will pay more attention to them as they work, and hence minimise the confusion. Other chapters in this part deal with key aspects of good writing, structure, punctuation and grammar, as well as the editing process.

Finally, Part IV (chapters 16-25) peers into the careers of some of Uganda’s leading editors to see what helped them to succeed. This is important because many a young journalist admires successful seniors as if they come from another planet. It is intended to demystify journalistic success by breaking it down to its constituent parts. The mission of this part is to show younger writers the raw materials for journalistic progression in order to inspire unflinching resolve and unbridled passion for top-quality reporting and writing.

Write Right, Tight – Navigating Common Mistakes in Ugandan Newsrooms by African Centre for Media Excellence on Scribd