Go Offshore, Go Deep in Your Knowledge of Big Oil

It isn’t every day that those whose primary lives are on-line are surprised by new tools and new teaching tactics.Today isn’t one of those days.


Offshore is an interactive and immersive web documentary that explores the dark waters of the global offshore industry in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion. It offers a vision of what happens when need and greed push the industry into a world inhabited by questions we might not want answers to.




For those of us who only report on offshore oil activities in far-flung countries, the documentary by Brenda Longfellow, Glenn Richards and Helios Design Labs is an interesting, informative and spooky look into the oil industry. It takes learning further, engaging the ‘viewer’ in a game of realism and mysticism with the foreboding of doom ever at your shoulder.


I recommend Offshore for its unique, off-beat look into the oil industry and a reminder of the long shadow of man’s greed. I am eagerly looking towards a similar project to explore the complexities of onshore drilling.


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