Election reporting handbooks for your news team

The wonderful worldwide web is full of valuable training resources on media, elections and democracy. We have selected a few of them for your to adapt and use as you prepare to cover elections and plan for your reporting team.

This resource, produced by the Media and Elections Response Centre,details specific tools and information that can aid reporters and elections management bodies in providing citizens with the best information possible to make informed decisions at the polls. It is intended for new reporters in all societies, as well as experienced reporters looking to brush up on their elections reporting skills.

This handbook was produced by Reporters Without Borders and the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) to help journalists assume their responsibilities and cover elections successfully. It is meant for journalists working for media of every category (radio, television, print and online), scale (local, national or international) and form of ownership (state-owned, privately owned or community). It contains a veritable treasure trove of ideas for covering the election process from the legal framework to reporting election fraud.

An essential, user-friendly and applicable guide for self-directed learning from Search for Common Ground/Radio for Peacebuilding Africa. It provides good tips on identifying rumours, dealing with rumours as a journalist, developing strategies to reduce the risk of the emergence and spread of rumors, and the role and responsibilities of journalists in conflict situations when dealing with rumours.

Another resource from Search for Common Ground/Radio for Peacebuilding Africa. It is designed for journalists covering elections on the African continent, particularly in situations of extreme tension or post-conflict reconstruction. It aims to encourage good journalistic practices before, during and after elections in order to manage conflict that can arise during this transitional period. It gathers both theoretical aspects and more pragmatic elements, providing journalists with essential tools to cover elections responsibly.