Digital security tools and tips for journalists

How do you keep safe in the digital age of declining privacy and easily-accessible tools for attack? The African Centre for Media Excellence recommends the following tools to protect you in the fast-evolving information age.


How safe are you online?

The Rory Peck Trust curates a wide range of handbooks and tools on digital safety. It is updated regularly and contains a number of the resources listed below. Also visit by DW Academie for a more detailed list of the best online digital security resources for journalists.


SaferJourno is a new free and open-source digital security curriculum guide for trainers from Internews. It is easy to use outside the training room and has valuable links and resources for your protection.


Did you know Skype is not safe for journalists? Find out why and what alternatives are available in this article in the Columbia Journalism Review.


Security in-a-Box is one of the most important digital safety guides available and is useful whether or not you are a journalist. It has simple step-by-step guides on encryption, secure web browsing and a host of related tools.


Is it possible to escape unscathed online? Reporters without Borders says yes and shows you how with its Online Survival Kit.