Datasets – 2014 Primary Leaving Examination national results

Performance at national exams is a widely accepted indicator of education standards in any country.

In Uganda, when the national exam results are released, journalists often only report official statements and highly-simplified data summaries such as performance comparisons across gender, study subjects and regions. This of course has limited value as far as providing a nuanced analysis of education standards might go.

For instance; if the western region on aggregate performed better than the northern region, does this mean that all is well in the former and all is lamentable in the latter? Not necessarily. To provide a more comprehensive comparison, one would need to look at the performance of all schools in each of these regions or at least a representative enough sample.

To enable journalists do this kinds of comprehensive analysis, ACME is releasing all the results for all 2014 PLE candidates that you can download and use. We are providing a summarised, but sufficiently detailed dataset which shows performance by school. We are also providing the results of all candidates. The names of the pupils are anonymous to protect their privacy. Identifying details such as name and index numbers have been removed.

Take a look, download these sets, use them alone or in combination with the education service indicators dataset that we provided here. Tell us how about the stories you do out of it or any complimentary data you may need. On our part, we’d like to suggest the following story questions:

  • How does performance within the region you cover relate to the availability or lack of education inputs as shows in this dataset?
  • How does performance within the particular district you cover change with gender, with distance from the urban centres, across public and urban schools etc?
  • Does overall district performance correlate with the amount of money government invests in education budgets? You can get your district budget from or download it here if it’s one of those so far curated my ACME
  • Which are the high performing schools in your district and what differentiates them from the others in terms of funding, ownership, teacher remuneration, etc? What can the other schools learn from the best performing ones?

The datasets

Primary Leaving Examination results 2014 – School Summaries

Primary Leaving Results 2014 – All candidates