Auditor General’s report on the management of petroleum data by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

This is the first report of Office of the Auditor General of Uganda of the management of petroleum data by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. It found that:

  • The oil companies did not fully comply with submission of reports relating to their drilling, exploration activities and operations as required.
  • The statements of recoverable expenditure for Exploration Area-2 for the period 2014 and 2015 indicated that there were unapproved budget overruns of USD 1million arising from various activities related to data acquisition.
  • There was inadequate quality control and assurance undertaken by Petroleum Exploration Development and Production Department (PEDPD) on well data and reports submitted by internal oil companies. Out of nineteen (19) files reviewed, thirteen (13) files did not show evidence of quality control checks. Similarly, out of the sampled ten (10) seismic surveys conducted, staff took part in the verification/ quality control process of four (4) seismic surveys.
  • There was no offsite backup; the data storage tapes where data was backed up were all stored in the physical data storage room. Similarly, the Crane database was incomplete since it lacked data on seismic surveys and well drilling, including cost database, fluids, cuttings catalogue and rock samples catalogue.
  • PEDPD did not have guidelines and procedures for data dissemination.

The full report is available below to read online or download.