Audit report on the functionality of land management institutions in Uganda

The administration of the various land tenure systems is vested in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda Land Commission, District Land Boards, District Land Offices and Area Land Committees. However, despite the existence of these Institutions, the public appears to be slowly losing confidence in the land administration system. There has been public outcry on delays in processing of land titles, crowded land offices, payment of bribes and the increase in land wrangles and evictions and encroachment on Government land. The land administration institutions attribute these challenges to the lack of a national land policy to govern the management of Government/public and private land, understaffing and inadequate funding.

It is against this background that the Office of the Auditor General instituted a Value for Money audit to assess the planning, budgeting, funding, staffing and functionalities of various land management institutions with a view of identifying the challenges, if any, and provide possible recommendations to improve on service delivery.