Applications invited for data clinic on telling better education stories

WHAT:           Using data to tell better education stories

  • Every year, the Uganda National Examinations Board releases three sets of results: PLE, UCE and UACE.
  • Every year, readers mock journalists with tweets and posts that imply they are not impressed with newspapers awash with story of ‘exam stars.’
  • Every year, journalists scratch their heads wondering, “Jow can we tell this story better?”
  • This year, let us put our heads together. Come to ACME to:
    • crunch results data going back to 2010;
    • compare it with other national learning, school performance and datasets;
    • generate story ideas beyond comparisons in gender performance, results and urban advantage; and
    • play with data visualisations like mapping and interactive charts.

WHERE:         African Centre for Media Excellence

WHEN:           Saturday 4 February, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHO CAN COME? Anyone with interest and/or skills in: storytelling, education as a subject, or data analysis and visualization. That includes:

  1. Journalists covering education and exam results in Uganda.
  2. Active social media users interested in using data for debates on education.
  3. Techies, data scientists, statisticians, and others who want to work with journalists in telling better stories.
  4. Active citizens with special interest in education.

APPLICATION: Fill this short online form to apply. The deadline is 2 February 2017

Questions? Email lnamubiru [at] acme-ug [dot] org

This is a full day event.