Albertine Graben land acquisition and resettlement framework

This Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework aims to provide an overarching framework specific to the development of upstream oil and gas facilities in the Albertine Graben. It will subsequently guide the development of more detailed action plans for each project component requiring resettlement and compensation.

The first development projects requiring land acquisition and resettlement programs will be:

  • The EA1-EA2 North Project (Exploration Areas 1, 1A which include parts of Murchison Falls National Park and Buliisa District as well as EA2 North which falls in southern Buliisa); and
  • The Kingfisher Development Area previously referred to as Exploration Area 3A, located in Hoima District.

The third area of interest is located in the southern portion of EA2 near the Kaiso-Tonya area in Hoima District, and will be developed at a later stage. Associated infrastructure such as the  export pipeline, a gas processing facility, and other components are yet to be defined, but are considered part of these projects as Associated Infrastructure.

Read or download the full framework paper below.