16 concerns government should prioritise in the 2015/16 agriculture budget – CSBAG

Read the full analysis of the Government of Uganda budget priorities for the financial year 2015/16 published by the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) at the organisation’s website.

According to the paper,

Over all, the gross budget for the sector is expected to grow by 11% from UGX 436.6bn in FY 2014/15 to UGX 485.3bn for FY 2015/16. Although an increment has been realized for the sector, it is still below the 10% requirement set by the Malabo declaration on agriculture financing. Inability to move at pace with Malabo declaration implies that the strategic investments that would revolutionize agriculture will not be adequately funded and consequently Poverty reduction will be a challenge and GDP growth rate at 6% will be hard target to reach. Lack of enough funds to facilitate value addition will mean that Uganda will continue to export largely raw material and the overall trade balance will remain unfavorable in both short term and long term as long as government doesn’t not adequately fund the sector.The budget for MAAIF will grow by 70% from UGX 84.075bn to UGX142.5bn in FY 2015/16.This is largely attributed by the increment in the development budget by 93%.

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